The New EP

A remarkable collection of songs, it truly showcases Marét as one of Australia’s most versatile and talented independent artists. With a sonic landscape that spans multiple genres, Marét is an artist that refuses to be categorised and defies expectations and trends. Opening track Unlock You is a lushly produced, emotive electro ballad about reaching out to loved one in need: “Don’t suffocate / Tell me your truth / Without a key I can’t unlock you”. Flicker slowly morphs into a 1980s-style synthpop delight, while second single Press Play is another throwback to a previous era with a intoxicating 1970s disco vibe. While both songs trade on a certain sound, they remain utterly contemporary and unique.
The first single from the EP, Envy, nestled in the middle of the tracklist, remains as breathtakingly beautiful as always. A heartfelt ballad with moving and beautiful melodies it is a stunning piece of pop music that can’t fail to move you.

Marét is an artist that has consistently delivered outstanding music since her debut single Vertigo in 2018 and her self-titled debut EP last year. She has all the goods to become a major force on the music scene and we can’t wait to hear what is up next from her. Highly recommended listening.

– Women In Pop, 2020

The New Single

How do we share our deepest shame?

How do we uncover the veil of denial to bring ourselves into the light and connect with each other in what it means to be human?

Marét dives into this theme with her enticing new release, Envy, to look with deep honesty at this intricate emotion.

Marét shows us how we too can heal from these seemingly dark places and how we can emerge into freedom. In this hypnotic offering, Marét takes you into every word of this message, never flinching in her portrayal of integrity, courage and honour.

Visceral, immersive, decisive and frank, Marét introduces us to her new body of work and invites you to delve a little deeper…and love a little harder.

Marét’s stunning new single Envy is brought to life.

A car park. A speaker. Her song. A change. A message. Her voice.
She moves. She dances. Her story.

Press Play