Mercurial, magnetic and a creative maverick: this is Marét.

Armed with a manifesto to explore creative freedom and a surprising sonic palette, Marét understands her vision is ambitious.

However, she’s ready to deliver.

The singer, songwriter and creative director says,

“My music germinates from tumultuous times, from beautiful moments and a calling for something bigger than I am. I believe it’s a calling that already exists in everyone; for the world to be operating in a different way because it feels so chaotic, unsettling and overwhelming at times.”

But that doesn’t mean Marét isn’t ready to get down.

Her percolating, funky first single Vertigo is upbeat and adventurous, and a call to arms to

“keep going, even when you want to give up.”

She says,

“It amplifies that feeling of climbing the mountain and taking it one step at a time, knowing that you can trust whatever it is that’s pulling you there.”

The accompanying video is fun, playful and irreverent; featuring a dancing panda, it explores

“identity through the masks we create for ourselves, connecting to joy and, ultimately, each other.”

While Marét’s impressive body of work includes lighter moments, she’s not afraid to experiment. In fact, she explores dark, intense and primal soundscapes (‘I Am The Wind) just as readily as she embraces graceful and tender themes (check out the glorious ‘We Are Ready’).

“Although I predominantly make pop records,” she says, “I like to see myself as genre-less.”

Importantly, Marét wants people to see their world through hers:

“I think of the times when people are in great despair or joy, music soundtracks it and creates a space for us to understand our world. I’d love people to make sense of their experiences through the musical mirror that I’m presenting.”

Fearless yet vulnerable, grounded but ambitious, Marét and her music are the perfect medicine.