The Making of EP02

Every Wednesday afternoon I walked up the hill to Ben’s home studio. We didn’t know it then. We didn’t know what it would become. It was a sliver of an idea. Ben and I had been introduced through Kojo Ansah (AKA Citizen Kay) after I chatted to him about wanting to create some new music. He thought we’d be a good fit. He was right. I’d grab a coffee at my local and walk up the hill ready for whatever was going to happen that day. You see Ben and I literally live down the road from each other. I’d walk in the heat, the cold, the rain and the wind to a little moment of creation in my week. 

I had written Envy some months earlier. I knew it had something special about it. I had decided that I wanted to write something that was brutal in it’s honesty yet delicate in it’s delivery. I wanted to hug the listener in it, envelope them in understanding and compassion and release them from the grips of painful emotions. But I would have to go through the storm in order to truly deliver this song.

For me, the vision is delivered during the process. I don’t seem to have future sight into what I am going to create. I am ready for the muse but I really don’t know what she’s going to bring. I am a lover of so many different genre’s of music but pop is in my blood. I hear those melodies and harmony everywhere I go. My ear turns to it, strides confidently in the direction of it and my voice soars in it’s purity. I feel at home. I wanted to delve further down into it. Find myself in it’s layers. Revel in it’s warm hug.  

So Ben and I decided to be very open and just start creating. There wasn’t an expectation of what it would be. After all, we’d never worked together before and these relationships are based on energy. Who knows what was going to happen! Luckily we started to find a flow. I loved the lack of expectation or outcome. All I needed to do was turn up each Wednesday and I could go on the ride. Ben has a grounding in a range of styles and is very open to collaboration and detail. He is a silent, musical ninja, who explores new terrain with respect for tradition and with his eyes focused ahead. It was crazy meeting in the middle of our two worlds, brought together in his house in Canberra. What a ride. I brought ideas to Ben, little snippets of songs and we started to build each one. I started to write lyrics about freedom, music, confusion, greed, desire. We found influences in disco, hip hop, 90’s dance music and of course current day pop. We built each song slowly, adding and taking away, re-writing, giving, listening, waiting and returning. Then, we finally had 5 songs that felt ready to be finished.

I wanted to record the vocals in a slightly larger space with my right hand man Darren Percival. I was thrilled to book in a weekend at Kojo’s studio. Working with Darren is extraordinary. He is electrifying in his commitment to support the artist in truly finding the best performance within them. His dedication to excellence is meticulous and he heard what I wanted to say in these songs and he held space for me to get there. Kojo is one of the happiest, most dedicated artists and producers I know. Many a time have we spent together in his studio, creating, talking, revealing, and this weekend he provided the perfect place for these vocals to be sung. We tracked all 5 songs over 2 days. It was momentous. I gave every last piece of myself that I could and birthed the 5 offerings with deep honesty and an open heart. I threw out the rule book, shared my truth, felt joyous, angry, hurt and elated all at the same time. You see, I did it all for you. To show you my insides in the hope you might share yours too.

That was in January 2020. We weren’t to know what was about to befit the earth. It stalled. The world stalled. I didn’t know if I would ver have a chance to share this with you. I felt pretty low. I believed in the songs but they still needed more work to get them right. The creation of music takes amy forms. Sometimes all you need is a microphone and you can capture it all in a moment, and sometimes you need a little more. This time I needed more. In a moment of grace I was awarded a HOMEFRONT grant from Arts ACT to finish the project and release it! I had the great fortune to come across Peter Holz who came on board to add some extra production as well as mix and master the record. Peter brought such respect to the work and made each part sing out a little louder, enveloping me in his realisation of the songs. The culmination of the work of all these people together has created EP02.

These 5 tracks are the next thing I need to share with you all. I want to Unlock You. To uncover what’s underneath, what you feel in your heart and see in your mind. All the emotions. The Fear. The Envy. The Disappointment. The Joy. The Release. The Desire. Are you Greedy? Do you want more from this life? Can you see how things can change? All you need is a Flicker, an inkling, a silent surge to propel you into what is coming next. Do you dare to Press Play? EP02 is just that, the next thing. And there is more to come.