The Making Of The ENVY Video Clip

When I was writing and recording the early versions of ‘Envy’, I used to listen to the demo’s as I walked around Lake Burley Griffin, often early in the morning. It was such an intimate, private experience. I knew that when I created the video clip for the song, it needed to embody that intimacy. It needed to be distilled, simple, immersive.

I have always felt a deep connection to medieval stories and fables. There’s a high drama to it that I wanted to reference in the physical manifestation of the song. When writing ‘Envy’ I thought about the timelessness of the emotion. It’s a story we have heard many times. It has peppered tales of betrayal, murder, power, and desire and I wanted all the imagery (including the cover artwork) to use the drama of royal imagery. Often these emotions stay behind closed doors, especially in the corridors of power and I wanted to present a Queen who was prepared to expose herself in order for freedom and truth to prevail.

The idea for the clip came to me very clearly as a marriage of those two ideas. The introspective walk in the early morning by a Queen ready to open herself and her heart for healing.

The morning is my favourite time of the day. It is a symbol of hope, new beginnings, and I always feel the buzz of possibility.

This video had to be one shot in slow motion. It needed that intensity and connection. It needed that mastery and mystery. It needed to look how it felt. I set about finding the right people to help me create it. I had seen the work of Jack Downie through other musicians he had created work for and really liked his bravery and creativity. I knew this was a bold idea and it needed a cinematographer who was up for the challenge! Jack answered this call with enthusiasm and commitment.

I have been working with Darren Percival since the inception of my music being released into the world. We work very closely on all areas of the work I create and share with you and I knew this needed his support and vision too.

We needed to be well prepared for this. There was only a small window of time that we had to shoot and the weather needed to be on our side! We did some test shoots, planned the date and time, and I set about practising my performance. You see, in order to create the slow motion movement with the in-time lip syncing seen on the video, we had to speed up the song to shoot in real time so that when it was slowed down it matched with the song. I had to learn the song at double the speed.

On the morning of Tuesday 11th August we arrived beside Lake Burley Griffin in the dark. The temperature was -2. It was freezing and it was exciting. Being up before the rest of the world is enticing. It is an intoxicating way to start the day. And this was an important day.

As Darren and Jack set up I stayed in the warmth of the car rehearsing the sped up song. I had been up since 3:30am in order to step into my hair and makeup and the beautiful dress by Saloon Design House and step into this Queen who was ready to reveal her truth. Saloon Design House is a beautiful, handmade label run by two extraordinary women from Braidwood, Dena Pharaoh and Jane Magnus. The dress from them was a perfect fit and really did make me feel like a Queen.

As the sun began to gently kiss the edges of the morning, we walked across the crisp, frosty grass. Steam lit up or conversations, people jogged behind us, birds sang their morning song and we were ready. In a matter of minutes and moments we filmed the song over and over until it flowed and moved and morphed and danced. The atmosphere felt electric. Darren and Jack were so present, so immersed, so ready. We captured many versions of it, the light a little different each time, the steam rising from my lips, the story unfolding, the city coming to life. My feet were numb, my face started to lose feeling, my eyes welled and my heart was happy.

Once we selected the final take, we sent it to Jeremy Gilroy at Elephant Post productions (the editing wizard from my two previous clips) who enhanced the light, graded it and helped create the final video in all its glory. He is always the final piece in a very big puzzle and the work he did on this honoured it so much.

So I give this gift to you. It is straight from my heart to yours. I hope it brings you joy and peace and allows some space to go within, seek your truth and share it with others. Because I have created this so we can open up more conversations, open up our darkness so it no longer controls us, open up ourselves and connect with each other and heal.

In love and peace,

Marét  x